AOPA  Ukraine is the Ukrainian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

"AOPA Ukraine" is a voluntary , non-profit and non-political organization which unites citizens of Ukraine and other countries , established on the basis of common interests for the joint implementation of the rights and freedoms on the basis of voluntariness and equality , in order to represent and protect the general  rights, economic, social and other interests of private pilots and aircraft owners at local, regional and general Ukrainian levels , as well as to coordinate and consolidate the actions of its members in the development of private aviation . The organization operates in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "About Public Associations ", other legislative acts of Ukraine and Statute of organization.

March 29, 2013 all legal steps were completed and the public organization " AOPA Ukraine" has been registered.
October 2, 2013 the national status of "AOPA Ukraine" was confirmed.

The key performance indicator of the organization is the progress of private aviation in Ukraine.

"AOPA Ukraine" has the following objectives:

  • Contribute to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of private pilots and owners of aircrafts, increasing their knowledge in order to promote the development of private aviation, raising the prestige of Ukrainian private aviation.
  • Cooperation with civil authorities including international in order to exchange experiences and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of AOPA members.
  • Promote economic , scientific and technical cooperation with foreign countries.
  • Represent the interests of private pilots and aircraft owners in local and national authorities while dealing with aviation related laws.


Each citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons who stay in Ukraine on legal grounds which have reached 18 YO and made at least one solo flight in an aircraft can become the Member of the public organization "AOPA Ukraine". Members should recognize and support the provisions of the Statute.
Those wishing to join the "AOPA Ukraine" must complete an application ( available for download at >> ) and pay an annual fee of UAH 600.

Payment details :

Beneficiary : Gromadska ORGANІZATSІYA " AOPA Ukraine"
Beneficiary ID : 38674881
Acc # : 26008052644066
Bank : “PrivatBank”, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Bank ID (MFO) : 320649
The purpose of payment : Membership contribution